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Jozef Nadj announces his new album “Twenty Twenty One”  with the official music video for the track “Fantastic Plastic”

funky fiddle rocks loud!

TWENTY TWENTY ONE” is the 3rd record of contemporary violin virtuoso Jozef Nadj. It is a perfect blend of the previous two, where his brilliant and unique sound captures your ear immediately. From beautiful and mellow acoustic to a delayed overdriven wah-wah electric violin, it grabs the listener’s attention within seconds. When you add his incredible and truly masterful performance, you get the magic this record holds. The violin beautifully melts with the band which follows and delivers and equally great performance.

The entire record reflects the world we live in – good, bad, fast, fake pretty, ugly, worse, crazy – you name it. It was recorded from March – August 2020, the months in which we were all heavily hit with the pandemic. Song titles reflect those times.

The album opens up with “Fantastic Plastic”, a funky tune with a great riff and cool melody that sticks out, while the feel later curves into rocky, emotional and psychedelic breakdown favored by Pink Floyd fans.



Songs like “Clown Parade” and “Cabin Fever” start out catchy and bluesy then morph into wild and heavy tunes with captivating organ, guitar and violin solos.

LOL (Labor of Love)” and “Light That Shines” refer to the perfect and happy days ahead, with a hope for better tomorrow. Fusing pop with a jazzy harmony and with easy to follow melodies make these tunes shine and stand out.

Jazz, rock and funk hang out together, and that’s exactly what happens in “Optimistic” and “Loodilo”. The horns bring the needed 70’s RnB spice while the band still holds the groove pristine and funky. Really funky

Nadj’s interpretation of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”(only on cd) closes the record. It might be unexpected but it is actually the icing on the cake. Recorded live in Portland, Maine in 2018, both the band and the violin will bring you to tears. So pure, emotional and spiritual, it is one of the best versions ever heard. In other words, this record is simple yet magnificent. Definitely a winner.


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  1. Fantastic Plastic
  2. Clown Parade
  3. Cabin Fever
  4. Lol (Labor of Love)
  5. Optimistic
  6. Light That Shines
  7. Loodilo

Release date: Jan 1, 2021